Wednesday, July 23, 2014


(All I Ask For You - Steve Barton and Sarah Brightman

I see your Point of No Return and raise you an All I Ask of You - original cast, no less! )

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"I’m not even jealous…" Gallaria whispered, leaning against the doorway. She looked to the druidess and her brother as they slept, sprawled out on the floor. Exhaustion had claimed them a couple of hours ago. It was the paladin who continued to suffer from nightmares and insomnia.

She really should have woke them up. The floor was a rather uncomfortable place to sleep. But it hurt too much and she couldn’t be bothered. Of course she was jealous. The mage had been avoiding her for days and the only way they communicated was on contracts when he admonished her to stop worrying about him.

Gallaria’s impaired vision blurred with her tears and she turned away, escaping to the solitude of her office.


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13. Giving In

I’ve been seeing a priest about my eye and he is giving me a hard time about how I got injured. So I told him to shove it. In a very polite way of course. I don’t know how much wiser you think you are just because you are old and wrinkly. No one talks to me like that. He presumes to tell me how my father would have been so disappointed in me. Well, needless to say, my manners left me after that.

I’m closer to putting my finger on this whole…two men in my life thing. I think I am. No, I’m not. I’m still so confused. It feels like I’m falling for Baelios. It’s not what is supposed to happen. I’m supposed to be with Vyl, right? But that’s a slippery slope. Where will his patience end and why am I so fucking determined to find the end of it?